Ulan Murray lovingly and diligently illustrates some of Australia’s most majestic and iconic trees. The sculptures celebrate the antiquity of monumental trees that remain standing in the landscape to remind us of our forgotten past.

These illustrations are not in pencil but are renditions in wire. Each crevice and scar in the bark; each twist in the tree branch is painstakingly depicted in the wire. Murray has represented the equilibrium between the foliage and the root system of the tree- an image that is rarely conceived.

Through years of observation he constructs his works from memory rather than reality.  The work becomes a meditation on the environment: from the monumentality of landscape to the minutiae. The sculpture celebrate the beauty and intricacy of nature.

Murray uses a variety of new and recycled materials including copper, stainless steel and mild steel to produce his sculpture. 

Ulan's studio is near Bega on the far south coast of NSW and he regularly exhibits throughout NSW.